Name Alex Clupper
About I have worked as an on-air host and producer at ESPN Radio 1280 in San Luis Obispo, CA for the past 5 years. Over that time, I have progressed my way from intern to being the host of one of the stations shows, The SLO Late Show, as well as the engineer and studio host for all live sporting events.

The SLO Late Show combines the typical sports banter you get from your everyday sports chatter as well as humor, pop culture and detailed analysis, blended into one satisfyingly entertaining show.

I am the sole engineer, producer and studio host for all Cal Poly football, basketball and baseball games aired, running the game from the ESPN 1280 studios while providing live 2-4 minute scoreboard updates 3-times per contest.

I was also the producer of The Sports Bite, the station's only daily sports talk show, helping the hosts with every detail of the show, from bringing up stats on the fly to scheduling guests to technical production.

I believe my combination of technical know-how, on-air prowess and willing-to-do-anything attitude makes me a great asset to any sports radio station.
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Category Available/Looking
Nationality American
Contact Details
Email abclupper(at)
Cell Phone No. 805-305-8036
Telephone 805-305-8036
Air Check
City / Town San Luis Obispo
Street Address
Province / State California
Country United States
[Availability & Optional Preferences]
Zip / Post Code
Available to Start 2017-Jan-20
Location Preference Prefer California but would not preclude any location.
[Education & Experience]
Positions Interested In? Producer, Engineer, Studio Host, Host, Late Night
Highest Education Bachelor's
Education Summary I graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Business Administration.
Work Experience I have worked at ESPN Radio 1280 The Ticket in San Luis Obispo, CA since November 2011 as an on-air host, producer and all around utility-man for the station. In my time, I have done everything from Sportscenter reports during Cal Poly games to implementing a new website for the station and everything in between.
Experience Years 3-6 Yr
Salary Range $35,000+
Additional Notes

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