Name Craig Carl Bek
About Growing up on an Iowa farm, my dad taught me to take the initiative in whatever I decided to undertake. Any task Ive ever engaged has been with a heavy dose of passion. Being both enlisted and an officer in the Marine Corps instilled in me fierce persistence to accomplish the mission. Lecturing over 800 motivational seminars to all NE Wisconsin high school students while a Field Representative of DeVry University, also provided me additional confidence.

As NCOIC (non commissioned officer in charge) of all broadcast public information released from MCB, 29 Palms, California, I learned to pay attention to even the most obscure details. All speeches, articles, and scripts for broadcast came across my desk to ensure they contained the correct format, style, and Marine Corps sanctioned content. General John Megarr and Adjutant Colonel Billy Bouldin joined me in planning a guide for Base communications. Additionally my immediate superior, Major Bobbi Weinberger, the General, Colonel Bouldin, and myself would work on project decisions together. During my tour, I also wrote for the Base newspaper, several Southern California newspapers, the Navy Times, and was responsible for most radio and television broadcast programming. That same keen attention to detail came into play throughout my career, but was extremely important when I was a commercial real estate broker writing Buyer/Seller Agreements for 10 years. The most crucial contract was for mergers and acquisitions brokerage, which could contain as many as 100 Addendums, all based on strict Wisconsin real estate code, and having to be worded precisely and correctly. Another contract which would have to be worded exactly was a property lease. Getting the proper wording would sometimes entail days of negotiations. Reaching a true agreement between parties many times required a lot of influencing and give and take, and remaining open to change.

Most of my dozen years as a news broadcast anchor and reporter required daily reporting assignments and meeting stringent time deadlines. The toughest challenge was an Agent Orange hearings story the WLUK TV crew and I reported from Chicago. Our crew was still in Chicago at 2:00 p.m. and still wrote and edited the story, getting it on the 6:00 p.m. news in Green Bay. Most of the time, reporters were called upon to write the script in the car headed back to the newsroom in order to begin editing the report the minute we returned. Writing, editing and proofreading is less necessary for broadcast pieces than stories on the printed page. For instance spelling isnt as much an issue, but the secret is shooting the video to the story, and then cleverly writing to the pictures. My favorite written story was about the career of boxer Ken Norton leading up to his series of fights with Muhammad Ali for the heavyweight championship of the world. Norton was the only man to ever hurt Ali, and if fact broke the champs jawbone. On a sidebar, a personal writing mentor of mine, the late Howard Cosell was good friends with Nortons famous adversary. Howard added a lot of flavor to my writing.

During my years as a Marine, broadcaster, and realtor, Ive always been comfortable working solo, but probably more satisfied belonging to a team. One of the most rewarding experiences leaped into my life when asked to teach voice and diction to service colleagues with speech impediments. Since I was a top student at DINFOS (Defense Information School), the schools director asked me to work with these service men and women in addition to my studies. It must have been a successful venture, as every last one learned to speak well enough to broadcast news in their respective military branches. As manager of a large dry cleaner in Appleton, I was in charge, but I also depended upon my work crew, sometimes as many as 16 employees. You had to be aware of each of their personalities, and in my opinion each of them would say to this day that I was a good manager.
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Category News Anchors
Nationality Caucasian
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Email cccraigcarl(at)
Cell Phone No. (920) 664-1962
Telephone 920) 983-9133
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City / Town De Pere
Street Address 812 W Gile Circle
Province / State WI
Country US
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Zip / Post Code 54115
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Location Preference Southern US, West Coast or Florida
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Positions Interested In? Radio news
Highest Education Master's
Education Summary Bachelor's: Iowa State University
EE and FCC: Elkins Institute
Marine Corps Honor Grad: DINFOS
Associate's in Microcomputers: NWTC
Master's in Communications: Belford University
Work Experience NCOIC of Broadcast, MCB, 29 Palms, CA
Over 10 years in broadcast news
Started weekend news on TV in Palm Springs, CA
Owned 5 businesses
Experience Years 7-10 Yr
Salary Range Negotiable
Additional Notes
   I really want to work in 'the business' once again. Experienced. Want to relocate. Talk to me.

I'm honest, believable and come across sincere.

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