Name Dave Bell
About My name is Dave Bell and I have wanted to be a Radio DJ since I was 16 when I would listed to the local Rock station in Longview, WA (KLOG) at the time. I have a love for just about any genre of music from Classic Rock to Smooth Jazz, R&B, Gospel, CCM, some Country, Soul, Funk, some Alternative and so on. I also love to do voices; Pirate, British, Cockney, Australian,Filipino, Indian (India),Hispanic, and a little Russian. I can usually hear something a couple of times and imitate it. I spend hours on my laptop sharing songs with my FB friends through Spotify and downloading playlists to simulate being "on-air". Music is my passion and I would love nothing more than to make my living playing music and delivering commentary. I love people and love to make people laugh!
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Category Freelance Talents
Nationality White
Contact Details
Email dbell5656(at)
Cell Phone No. 7577680998
Air Check
City / Town Spokane
Street Address 15905 N. Glencrest Dr
Province / State Washington
Country United States
[Availability & Optional Preferences]
Zip / Post Code 99208
Available to Start 2014-Feb-24
Location Preference Spokane, WA
[Education & Experience]
Positions Interested In? Morning show
Late night
Highest Education Bachelor's
Education Summary Graduated from High School at Mark Morris in Longview WA in 1975. Attended Southeastern University in 1979 to become a Minister and graduated with Honors (Cum Laude) in 1981.
Work Experience Most my work experience has been in Customer Service in the Auto Industry. However, I have had many others jobs from working at a Law Firm to working in a Hospital,Retail Stores,Movie Theater and even the Circus. (true) I am a people person. Also had my own business at one time.
Experience Years 7-10 Yr
Salary Range 30k-40k
Additional Notes
   I am in a transition period vocationally and want to find something that I have a passion for and love doing! I want to get up in the morning and can't wait to get to work!!

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