Name Douglas Evasick
About My name is Douglas Evasick and I am an Ithaca College graduate with a degree in journalism.

I am someone who is strongly invested in radio and will do whatever it takes to succeed in the industry. I am willing to start at the bottom and work as hard as I can in order to be successful in radio. In the past five years Ive had two internships with Clear Channel, an internship with NPR in Rhode Island, ran three separate specialty programs for my college internet radio station VIC, and I currently run and operate my very own online radio station through Live365.

During my internships at Clear Channel I experienced all the different facets that make up the business of radio. I have done everything from wading through a years worth of talk sets and cataloguing them all onto iTunes, to talking on-air for special interviews and doing hours of post-production work with both professional radio producers and on my own. I even dressed up in a giant turtle costume, which was the mascot for one of Clear Channels radio stations, so that I could dance and interact with people for an AIDS benefit.

My internship with NPR in Rhode Island helped me understand the news portion of radio inside and out. I interviewed people every week, either over phone or in person. I was responsible for gathering two to three sound bites per interview to be used on air. This helped sharpen my production skills even further as I learned how to make people sound great in twelve second clips by editing out long pauses and word repetition. I also learned which sound bites to cherry pick from ten minute interviews. Finally I wrote a lot of the 30 second news stories that were read over the air throughout the day.

My tenure at VIC taught me how important it was to package radio formats for specific target audiences. As a result I now understand that its important to reach demographics and appeal to audience expectations. I took this knowledge and started my own online radio station shortly after graduation. The station is called Dougystyles Alternative and it specializes in classic alternative rock from 1989-1999. I select all the music and I handle all the production (i.e. recording and editing all promos and imagers) that airs on the station. Within a few months of debuting it was already the number 1 station for Grunge and Britpop on and it has gathered a growing number of devoted listeners ever since.
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Street Address 3300 East West Highway, Apt. 420
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   You can listen to my online radio station Dougystyle's Alternative here at

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