Name Natsumi Mieko Kimi Kato
About About Kaylee Lynn Zangkuanwodanekai
Known Internationally. Natsumi Mieko Kimi Kato is her artist Name. Born as Kaylee Lynn Zangkuanwodanekai in Napa CA. She is 33years old. From the City of Napa CA. Went to High School at Mission High School in San Francisco. then Collage at Cornell University in New York City, Then at the University of California Berkeley. at Silicon Valley via Microsoft. Studying online getting her Associates Degree in Astronomy/Astrophysics. Is why much of the people world wide has heard about her. From all 7 Continents. Very Recently Kaylee achieved on getting her Satellite Communications Certification, passing the course with a 96%.
Before I move on to the links I wanted to share three new sites. This first one is International Video Tokyo

This next one is my personal Site. called Kaylee. by going to.
Then the Movie Website.
The Angel In Me is based on a true story of a little girl whom was kidnapped at the age of 9 years old to live with a foster mother till she was old enough to be on her own. is the link to go to. to read, and to watch the first 13 minutes of the film.

For more Links.
World Public Media International MNC

Sky Earth Network.
This is Sky Earth Network's Facebook. t/
Wo Wan Sang Song Cao ZhonWen
JPNK Radjio Setagaya.
HLY-Seoul Korea -Kpop
102.5 KONB San Francisco, This is the one where I had my Morning Show. They are the only station that played alot of Indie Artist that I played before other stations did,.
RKLZ - Moscow Russia
94.5 KRRA Sturgis, (We are your True Oldies Channel)
Alpha Jewel Johannesburg.

Radio Q. or Radio Queen, Arabia.
La Casa Grande De La Musica. Mexico City, Mexico.
HP OP Hawaii's own for Authentic Hawaiian Music.
979- 970 DXPQ Tondo Manila, Philippines.
HSBC Bangkok Thailand
FAZE Paris France. (Hip Hop/Rap)

thi s next one is Sky Earth Station which plays host to Three Satellite Radio Stations.
Sky Earth Network - 3
GSES is you American top 40 Station, Now streaming.
GXCE is your American Talk Radio
GBRS is Your International Talk Radio

This next one is World Public Media International San Francisco.
World Public Media's Facebook.

WC-47 San Francisco's Own.

My Soundcloud
Website URL
Category Weekenders - Part Time Talent
Nationality Fil-Jap
Contact Details
Email klsz2019(at)
Cell Phone No. 415-890-5873
Telephone (415) 349-0726
Air Check
YouTube Video
City / Town San Francisco
Street Address 391 Ellis St
Attn: Department of Media
World Public Media International
Province / State San Francsico, CA
Country USA
[Availability & Optional Preferences]
Zip / Post Code 94102
Available to Start 2017-Apr-12
Location Preference San Francisco,
Los Angeles,
Santa Barbara,
[Education & Experience]
Positions Interested In? Voice Over
Highest Education Student - College
Education Summary Out of college at UC berkeley. I will be switching Colleges to UC Riverside Next Fall. to Study Broadcasting, and Video Productions.
Work Experience World Public Media International MNC
Sky Earth Network
the Federal Communications Commission
Experience Years 7-10 Yr
Salary Range any 75k - 100k
Additional Notes
   Handy notes.
I quit working for Broadcast Music Inc. BMI wouldn't pay me any royalties. I do have my database with me of my works. Just Ask, I provide the link if you want to look.

World Public Media International

Sky Earth Network

My Soundcloud borbos

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