Name Nightmare Neal
About O'Neal Williams
Nightmare Neal is well rounded in the performance arts and is doing things that kids his age haven't even pondered about. At age 16 he was already well into making android and iPhone apps. He designed multiple of websites, programmed computers, and designed video games. High school wasn't enough for him he seeks for more knowledge and information. He visits libraries and read, read, read. He watches how to videos on YouTube. This guy is the prime example of how to become successful and it doesn't stops there! Nightmare Neal also raps, sing, dance, and act. He was always a great performer. His raping and dancing abilities are incomparable. His singing and acting abilities are at a professional level. He also is brilliant at writing, making college scores in middle school and graduating at the top of his class. He has a fascination with science fiction and new adventures. Nightmare Neal is slowly but surely impressing the world with his gifts. Nightmare Neal is also very good at sports. He have love for the game of baseball and track. He is very athletic and enjoy skate boarding as a hobby to maintain his excellent health. He enjoys helping others in need. He does community work such as neighbor hood gardening and volunteer hours at summer camps. Nightmare Neal's main instrument is definitely the violin. He has had experience with the piano, viola, guitar, drums, and recorder. The violin came to him naturally. His first time playing the violin was at the age 14 and that opened door ways for him to play more string instruments such as the viola and guitar. He learned to express his emotions through art. His dancing abilities came to him with a natural impulse. He was never taught to dance. He was somehow born with the gifted. He knows how to create movements that "wows" people. he have three younger sibling that of which are looking up to him. He sets a primary example for them. He teach them and talk to them about his experiences. He was originally inspired with music to cheer them up in hard times. He would sing and make up random song to brighten their day. He helps his parents with anything they ask of him and he likes to make their jobs easier. He always have been a friendly person with a great since of humor. He makes friends every where he goes. Nightmare Neal is on a positive path and his many followers are lead into a positive light. Below are some links to check his talents out. Blog:
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Category Freelance Talents
Nationality African American
Contact Details
Email nightmareneal(at)
Cell Phone No.
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YouTube Video
City / Town Atlanta
Street Address
Province / State Georgia
Country United States
[Availability & Optional Preferences]
Zip / Post Code 30260
Available to Start 2015-Jul-07
Location Preference Atlanta
[Education & Experience]
Positions Interested In? morning show, midday, late night
Highest Education
Education Summary
Work Experience I have experience with music and music studios. I also have a work experience of performing in front of large numbers of people dancing, rapping, acting, and singing.
Experience Years 3-6 Yr
Salary Range
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