Name Rod Crutcher/aka The Rod Man
About By nature I am a natural speaker/communicator. I enjoy talking and teaching many different subjects, the bible,leadership, wisdom and customer service to name a few. I am also a preacher of the word of God. But by nature I am comedian. I enjoy every opportunity to make people laugh. I tend to be very funny even when I teach and preach the Word of God. I am married to a wonderful woman for 23 years with 2 sons 21 and 14yrs old. I work in Marketing and Public Relations doing Outreach Services, primarily calling on physician offices for the hospital I work for. I have been told for many years and by many people I have a voice for radio, voice-overs and TV. I have the ability to change my voice to many many different types of voice and accents and even imitate many well known individuals.
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Category Freelance Talents
Nationality African-American
Contact Details
Email rodoc(at)
Cell Phone No.
Telephone 2568590846
Air Check
City / Town Huntsville
Street Address 2801 Garvin Rd
Province / State Alabama
Country United States
[Availability & Optional Preferences]
Zip / Post Code 35810
Available to Start 2011-Jan-01
Location Preference Would love to work here where I live, but will go to where the opportunities are available
[Education & Experience]
Positions Interested In? Voice-overs, Radio, Sports Talk TV, Gameshow host, comedian
Highest Education Bachelor's
Education Summary
Work Experience
Experience Years 7-10 Yr
Salary Range 50-60k
Additional Notes
   I have been told by many people over the years I have a voice for voice-overs, commercials and radio. I have the ability to change my voice to many different types of voices. I am currently in a Christmas play where I play a Jamaican character. I do it so well, many people that do not know me really thought I was Jamaican. I really would love to do commercials, cartoon and animated characters.

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