Name Scotty B
About I am a small town kid, who grew up surrounded by farming fields. I was always interested in radio, from as far back as my family and I can remember I have always loved music and knew way more then a lot of people. I used to have a small radio that had a microphone attached and would talk over top of the other radio personalities introducing the songs, and just talking about whatever things I would want to talk about.

This love for radio runs through my veins and I love to learn as much as I can, but also am willing to teach and give input when I can.

I am a huge sports fan as well, I have always held a huge interest in sports and knowing stats, following the teams, players and following the drivers in NASCAR. It's a dream of mine to either be in the booth, on the sideline or in the pit lane. Somewhere in the middle of the action or being able to give the listeners a picture without seeing it.

I was privileged enough to be born and raised in Michigan, and hear the great Ernie Harwell paint pictures every day and night during the baseball season. He is a hero of mine and is the gold standard to where I want to be one day.
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