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About Tina L. Spears is an engaging orator, author and encouraging speaker, whose ultimate purpose is for others to realize their richest potential is housed in the confines of their original design.

A no nonsense orator, Tina expresses stories from a personal perspective and with illustrations that are life giving and empowering. With over 26 years of professional working experience in Office Administration and Management, Account representation and COO/Operations, Tinas experiences have served her well as a foundation for the TRUE purpose of her life to share the experiences that have fashioned her into the Christian model for understanding ones purpose in life.

Tina has experience working for a large Financial Services organization, a retail giant, worldwide furniture manufacturing dealership and nonprofit experience with both a community development corporation and several religious institutions. In these roles Tina has garnered strong oral and written communication skills, stand up presentation abilities as well as established design, development, analysis, and evaluative skills.

In 2007, Tina began her entrepreneur aspirations by starting Sword and Spear Consulting Group, a consultancy specializing in marketing and branding services to the B2B, B2C and Nonprofit sectors. The heart of this work surrounds the emerging entrepreneur and Tina lends her talents to assisting new business owners with development and compliance of their business from inception as well as structuring their organizations to compete in their respective business space. Since inception, Tina has represented public speakers, collaborated in start-up businesses, developed web presences and branding collateral and consulted on several workshops and seminars, all with the intention of assisting the beginner entrepreneur in realizing their richest potential.

As an entrepreneur, Tina has a deep desire to walk her talk by beginning several businesses and working her giftedness through passion, perseverance and a lot of hard work.

A singer since the age of 7, Tina has worked with some of Gospels most noted artists and producers and is no stranger to the microphone. An outgrowth of all her work and singing abilities is Two-Edged Sword, a podcast on Blog Talk Radio. This forum was designed to fan the ignited flame of the entrepreneurial spirit. Shows serve to encourage the listener in tapping into their predestined potential among the myriad of lifes happenings; to remember the former things that the Creator established and to drive the point that we are spiritual beings having a natural experience.

Tina has the capability of designing presentations and speeches that are tailored to a wide-array of audiences. In particular, Tina is passionate about speaking to youth and young adults and seeks to empower them to gravitate towards their natural abilities when deciding on career paths. Ultimately, Tina would like to see more youth and young adult entrepreneurs work in their giftedness and become world changers by design. This was the impetus in founding First Things First, a NJ nonprofit geared toward teaching and exposing youth and young adults to entrepreneur opportunities based on their abilities.

Tina chronicles her decision to become a full-time entrepreneur in her first book entitled A Step of Faith; A Leap in the Spirit (Available on at 13).

Tina launched, her personal branded website as a means to keep followers up to date on developments concerning her businesses. Stop by to learn more about this powerful woman of God.
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Nationality Black, Non Hispanic
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Email tina(at)
Cell Phone No. 9739416070
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City / Town Newark
Street Address PO BOX 22262
Province / State NJ
Country USA
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Zip / Post Code 07101
Available to Start 2017-Aug-31
Location Preference Northeast NJ/Metro NY
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Positions Interested In? Radio Host, Announcer, Voiceover
Highest Education Student - College
Education Summary Currently matriculating for a BS in Organizational Development at Pillar College in Newark, NJ
Work Experience Currently unemployed but working on a business I started in 2007 (Marketing/Branding Consultancy)
Experience Years 7-10 Yr
Salary Range 30,000/year
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