Name Tomson Alcindor
About I've spent the last 10 years in radio as a morning drive DJ, hosted an afternoon call in show, a board-op and done volumes of production work, sometimes using my own voice and creative idea's with background music and sound effects, I also brought in commercial spot's from E-mail and web supported link's, assigning cart numbers and placing them in the DAD play list using ENCO automation.
I began as a board-op, running the console on any of our 3 station's, bringing in local and national sports program's
when necessary, I would simulcast all 3 station at once (election's, 4th of July, emergencies etc..) also perform EAS tests, keep transmitter logs and deal with a variety of transmitting issues.
I have used Cool edit pro and Adobe Audition for production
My education in recording engineering has allowed me to adapt easily to any station or studio.
I've also dealt with transmitting issues and used the SINE system for keeping transmitter log's.
I'm very creative and a team player,(with more useless trivia knowledge than any person should be allowed)and ready to start working for you now!
Prior to radio, I owned and operated STUDIO MESA, a recording and rehearsal facility in Costa mesa CA. offering complete recording/CD packages for aspiring artist's and local band's.
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Nationality American
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Email talderman531(at)
Cell Phone No. 707-954-1254
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City / Town Klamath glen
Street Address 531 Terwer riffle rd.
Province / State CA.
Country USA
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Zip / Post Code 95548
Available to Start 2016-Nov-14
Location Preference anywhere but here . . . .
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Positions Interested In? DJ,any shift, production, voice tracking, board-op,dubs.... dishes, windows etc...
Highest Education Student - College
Education Summary attended Golden west college in Huntington beach,Ca. 3 years audio engineering
Work Experience I started working at the age of 13 selling TV guide, burpee seed's and Grit magazine, these were all door to door, and I excelled at all of these jobs. My first real job was at a local cafe as a dish washer, bus boy, prep cook. I would go on to work at a variety of job's over the next few years including carpentry, plumbing,warehouse,painting,landscaping, retail, auto parts service and paint mixer, delivery driver, I also managed a service station in downtown Corona del mar around the time I entered the recording arts program at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, Ca. studying recording engineering.
During this time I also started working part time as a landscaper/plantscaper, ("Marvin gardens"), eventually starting my own company called "Southcoast plantscapes", buying and selling tropical plant's along with maintenance contract's.

I owned and operated Southcoast plantscapes for about seven years after leaving school.
Although I did not earn a degree for recording engineering, I did leave with a strong knowledge of the recording
process and engineering skill's and would go on to build and start my own recording /rehearsal studio in Costa mesa in 1990, eventually selling my tropical plant business.
I operated my recording /rehearsal studio, ("Studio Mesa") for about 9 year's offering complete recording package's From the recording process and mastering, to doing the art work on the CD cover's.

I sold "Studio Mesa" in 1999 and moved to the north coast where I started working in radio.
I was hired by Bicoastalmedia in 2004 as a board op and radio DJ and was quickly promoted to do a daily radio
program called "the trader horn" a buy, sell and trade show airing daily.
During this time I also took part time job's working in the harbor at the docks during the crab season for Caito fisheries,
I also worked at a road side attraction called "the trees of mystery" providing the voice of Paul Bunyan and driving a people shuttle.

As a business owner I learned to delegate authority, manage employees and to accept all responsibilities involved.
As an employee, I take any job very seriously and have a great work record...never late, never missed a day.
Experience Years 11+ Yr
Salary Range neg
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