Date Updated Name
1 Day ago
Mark Anthony Besozzi, #TheBesozzi

"My name is Mark Anthony Besozzi, hashtag #TheBesozzi. I am an upbeat, engaging, entertaining and fun..."
4 Days ago
Doug Brannson

"I have 20+ years experience in radio as a Production Director and On-Air Talent. I've worked in Minn..."
11 Days ago
Mike Essen

"Seeking to make extensive contribution at a media organization, as a radio Talk Show Host, research,..."
12 Days ago
David Hughes

"Eager to accept a position that provides opportunities to utilize professional skills and experience..."
13 Days ago
Duran dew

"Eager to accept a position that provides opportunities to utilize professional skills and experience..."
20 Days ago
Kelby McIntosh

"Im a very hard working individual where grow and pushing myself creatively are my top priorities, an..."
29 Days ago
DeeJay Smash Hitz aka VJ Reloaded

"Idris Busari aka DeeJay Smash Hitz aka VJ Reloaded is a Nigeria-born, US citizen and entrepreneur. B..."
33 Days ago
Timothy Trivette

"Personality and on-air skills to meet any need a station may encounter: copywriting, delivery, news,..."
35 Days ago
Earl Burnett

"Seeking to secure employment on-air, or behind the scenes support positions within the programming, ..."
36 Days ago
Brian Jay a.k.a. Radio Maverick Brian D (Jay)

"Looking to share my talents with a great Broadcasting OR IT Company in the New York City Area! Sound..."
36 Days ago
Tim Pyles

"I have a very eclectic music palette, I enjoy classic rock, country, contemporary christian,'70s, '8..."
36 Days ago

"I am a professional entertainer who is seeking to provide on air fun via any medium, including voice..."
40 Days ago
Adam Orenstein

"Just starting out djing. I actually do it for fun for friends online through a supported server cas..."
40 Days ago
Jim Doblin

"35 years in broadcasting. I've done it all and even won some awards. I did not invent the internet....."
42 Days ago
Candice Poe

"On-air, Copy/Production, Administrative and behind the scene strengths. Excellent customer service ..."
45 Days ago
Marcus Moore

"I love entertaining and educating people. It's something I have done my entire life. I love listenin..."
53 Days ago
Wealthea dams

"Magnificent communicator with a great personality seeking employment in the radio industry. Friendl..."
57 Days ago
Sereene Allen

"Energetic personality, ready for a challenge! 4 years internet radio experience/programming, think ..."
57 Days ago

"Currently looking for work in radio. Definitely willing to relocate for the right opportunity, espec..."
66 Days ago
Joseph Dupnik

"Current on-air talent for the #1 rated station in the market with over 8 years experience on various..."
70 Days ago
George Mason

"Mission Driven, and very tech savvy. Team player and we all need to be going in the same direction...."
75 Days ago
Marvin Hopkins

"Every Great Radio Station needs a motivated and versatile team-player and much more... such as: On-a..."
76 Days ago
Steven Rains

"Silver Tongued Devil! Entertainer, big personality, strong production skills and commercial writin..."
79 Days ago
Wayne Michael Shorter

"I am a 25 year industry veteran. Most recently I was at the Broadcasting Board of Governors where I ..."
82 Days ago
Eric Horn

"* Broadcasting techniques, and knowledge. * Digital and technical skills. * Ability to write, edit..."
83 Days ago
Alex Clupper

"I have worked as an on-air host and producer at ESPN Radio 1280 in San Luis Obispo, CA for the past ..."
84 Days ago
Caston Countz

"Have had a long career, actually several careers. Spending years as a minister, a songwriter in Nash..."
94 Days ago
Catherine Catalane

"I am a veteran radio broadcaster with experience in major markets around the country. In my early ye..."
97 Days ago
Josh Rachlis

"Josh Rachlis is an actor, cartoonist, singer/songwriter, screenwriter, stand-up comedian, radio pers..."
111 Days ago
Michael "Blaze"

"Afternoon Drive veteran. Tons of experience in Classic Rock, Alternative, Active Rock, Etc. I am al..."

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