Date Updated Name
3 Days ago
Mark Anthony Besozzi

"Radio on-air personality with over 11+ years of experience. In addition to radio, I've also worked ..."
16 Days ago
Myron J McLaughlin

"Detailed oriented, hard working professional! Just breaking into the industry I am becoming a rising..."
18 Days ago
Jay Scott-Manzi...........

"Warm and deep for narrations, sexy and fun for commercials, smooth and professional for presentation..."
18 Days ago
Celina Jay

"Swing Announcer for Blackburn Radio in Windsor-Essex County 22 yrs old Optimist, felion at hea..."
21 Days ago
Amy McGovern

"Qualifications Summary Experience working in fast paced radio environment and working well under p..."
24 Days ago
Joseph Dupnik

"I love all things radio and have been working in radio - in some form or another- since 2005. As I b..."
30 Days ago
Tea Chai

"I've just started a podcast with a friend and we chat a lot about current events and what interests ..."
35 Days ago
Allen Sale

"Allen Sale is an audio book and film reviewer, voice-over artist, and producer wrapped up in a geeky..."
38 Days ago
Jason Manatrey

"-Graduate of Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in 1995 with a hunger for radio. -In 1997 began..."
48 Days ago
Kevin Barbaro

"Kevin Barbaro is the host of the weekly, nationally-syndicated talk show, CoffeeTalk 3.0. The show ..."
48 Days ago
Dutch/Derek Ellis

"I am a driven, creative, and dedicated talent. I live on my social networking sites and music runs t..."
50 Days ago
Sydney Chipman

"Hey there! I'm Sydney! Currently a 20 year old living in Michigan and working on getting into broadc..."
50 Days ago

"Confucius once said, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life", th..."
53 Days ago
Hollywood & Troy

"Hollywood of Hollywood & Troy is a Charleston native who believes that forgiving is progression and ..."
57 Days ago
Tim Pyles

"I have a very eclectic music palette, I enjoy classic rock, country, contemporary christian, '70s..."
70 Days ago
Sam on the Dam

"I have been working at Riverfront Broadcasting LLC for five years and I consider myself as being a m..."
78 Days ago
Vera Franklin

"The virtues of enthusiasm, versatility, and perseverance are among the first attributes that will ma..."
79 Days ago
DeeJay SmartCHILD aka VJ Reloaded

"Idris Busari aka DeeJay SmartCHILD aka VJ Reloaded is a Nigeria-born, US citizen and entrepreneur. B..."
80 Days ago
Mac Beauchat/Big Mac

"Professional broadcaster in the southeast since 1976. 25 years PM drive in Savannah, Ga until Cumul..."
88 Days ago
Troy Hill BygSxi

"Dear Hiring Manager: I would like to inquire about media and broadcasting opportunities which may p..."
97 Days ago
Ronn Avalon

"I have a wealth of experience in radio broadcasting. In the business from 1988 to 2004. Producer an..."
99 Days ago
Joe Navarro

"I am currently retired from the US Army and working as a software engineer for the Boeing Company."
101 Days ago
Jade Michaels

"I'm an LA based talent with 18 years experience as a voice actor (SAG AFTRA) I worked as an on-ai..."
104 Days ago
Johnny Koolout Starks

"I'm a superior team player. I have no ego when it comes to learning or growing. My experiences are v..."
105 Days ago

"Hello, I was born and raised in West Texas and now live on the East Coast. I am a Sales Manager f..."
111 Days ago
Xavier Truesdell

"My name is Xavier Truesdell, I'm currently seeking new employment in broadcasting and I'm willing to..."
119 Days ago
Martin Anthony

"What do you get when you hire Martin Anthony, 100% non-stop working to be the best in your company! ..."
126 Days ago
Lauren P. Smith aka Ms. Luvie

"I am currently have an Associates Degree in Communications and was recently promoted to hold the Ass..."
136 Days ago
Jon Doherty

"I've been an actor/writer/improviser/stand up comedian for more than 15 years now and I was looking ..."
147 Days ago
Kate Young

"A business professional with a background in radio broadcasting, audio engineering, personnel manage..."

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