Date Updated Name
350 Days ago
Brad Dalius

"Brad Dalius is an on-air personality with over 10 years of experience working in the media and commu..."
655 Days ago
Kevin Friedman

"Host of the podcast. I was the executive producer/update guy/sidekick on the Tommy ..."
848 Days ago
Ricky X Edwards

"Radio/TV experience. Can work all aspects of a show, Write/produce/edit with a strong VO and narrato..."
1002 Days ago
Demetrius Wright

"A sports enthusiast with Radio and TV experience. Can work all aspects of a show, Write/produce/ed..."
1134 Days ago
Giovanni Lemm

"My name is Giovanni Lemm and I am a professional announcer with a multitude of events over the last ..."
1141 Days ago
Jason Semerau

"Hello, My name is Jason Semerau, Ive been hosting a Podcast called The Trackside Experience for abou..."
1678 Days ago
Jon Kliment

"High energy, driven individual with on-air/Play-by-Play/sports experience, including Sports Merchand..."
1686 Days ago
Dave Burman

"David Burman 1000 Putnam Boulevard Condo # 203 Wallingford, PA 19086 Phone: 717-994-7273 Sum..."
1957 Days ago
DJ Sweety Stertzy

"When I was 18-years-old I had do a job shadow for class project in high school. I job shadow Vic L..."
2076 Days ago
Matt Meany

"Let me start off with this, my name is Matt Meany, I was born June 16th 1989 which makes me currentl..."
2080 Days ago
Doug Stewart (2 Live Stews)

"I have over 10 years experience in Talk Radio. I was Co-Host of the 2 Live Stews Radio show with my ..."
2092 Days ago

"I have loved wandering the radio landscape carving a niche in reporting news and sport and thrive on..."
2118 Days ago
Ryan McLaughlin

"My name is Ryan McLaughlin and I have been involved in radio since February 2008. I got my first st..."
2128 Days ago
Josh Redman

"I am a sports fanatic, my two loves are hockey and baseball. I always enjoy a game on TV or even goi..."
2192 Days ago
Joel The Mouth McGuirk

"I am a 33 year old sports nut who grew up in NY and now lives in South Florida. I love all things sp..."
2201 Days ago
Dan Pasquerelli

"My name is Dan Pasquerelli, and I am a recent graduate from the Radio Broadcasting Program at Columb..."
2366 Days ago
Michael Pallas

"I am a huge sports fan. I love a variety of sports inside and outside the "major" North American pr..."
2375 Days ago
Mike Tabback

"After multiple management positions in the Retail Sector, I joined the United States Marine Corp. I ..."
2469 Days ago
Rob Wise

"I am currently Assistant PD, On Air Host, and Executive Producer for the ESPN Affiliate in the city ..."
2485 Days ago
Ray McDonnell

"I work for a radio station where I am the Station Manager, On Air Talent from 7 to 9 am Monday thru ..."
2486 Days ago
Shaked Bar-Tal

"I have graduated from the Carolina School of Broadcasting at Charlotte, NC and I have one year of ex..."
2615 Days ago
Matthew Coller

"Reporter, host and update anchor for WGR SportsRadio 550 in Buffalo."
2867 Days ago
Geoff Conn

"I'm a 17 year veteran of news/sports talk radio. My entire professional career has been in Des Moin..."
2889 Days ago
Chuck Dukas

"Chuck Dukas is a voice over talent based in Los Angeles CA. Chuck has been announcing sporting event..."
2892 Days ago
Christopher Heidel

"I'm a Local Sports Broadcaster and Producer who would like to get radio job to move in the Career"
2933 Days ago
Rob Lafary

"Hello! My name is Rob Lafary! I am 20 years old and a resident of Versailles, Indiana. I am a 200..."
2975 Days ago
The Professional Fan

"I have loved sports for as long as I can remember. Now I have another reason to love sports and that..."
2982 Days ago
Brandon Keys

"Young, Up & Coming Sports Announcer with a Love for Entertainment. Looking for any type of opportuni..."
3191 Days ago
Adam McCallister

"Local Morning Drive SportsTalk show host & producer in Central PA looking to broaden my horizons. ..."
3203 Days ago
Julie "Jules" Buehler

"As the first woman in California broadcasting history to fly solo in prime-time sports talk radio, I..."

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