Date Updated Name
18 Days ago
Paul Bartomioli/Southern Cross Voice Over, LLC

"My dream is to sail to Australia. I will admit, not the typical dream of someone born and raised in ..."
36 Days ago
Kei Ashino

"Kei is a professionally trained, voice-over artist born and raised in Japan with home studio experie..."
50 Days ago
Fukuko Yukimiyama

"Fukuko Yukimiyama is Japanese voice actor and actress working in Japan. When I was in college, I..."
57 Days ago
Karika "KJ" Austin

"My Name is Karika Austin, also known as KJ; born in sunny Fox Hills, California; graduated high scho..."
57 Days ago
Miho Kaibara

"Miho is a professional Japanese voiceover talent with a home studio based in Tokyo Japan. If you ..."
86 Days ago

"Hi, I am Kelly a Japanese VoiceOver artist with a pro home studio based in New Zealand! Born and ..."
99 Days ago
Yvonne Chong

"Hello there! I am a professional singer and voice over talent. I have been providing voice over serv..."
126 Days ago
Jerry Lord

"I have been a voice talent for 30 years. I am a North American English speaking Voice Talent. I..."
142 Days ago
Dan Garlick

"Looking for a professional, mature and versatile Australian male voice? Brand your audio project wit..."
221 Days ago

"A am a 36 year Old Female who loves to rap and sing in Russian/Croatia, and Sweedish."
270 Days ago
Chizuko Nakamura

"Hi. Thank you for checking my profile. I'm a professionally trained Japanese voiceover with over 10..."
278 Days ago
Rio Nishioka

"Hello, I'm Japanese professional voice over talent specializing in e-Learning, corporate narration, ..."
304 Days ago
Gabriel Uriarte

"I'm am a Neutral Spanish voice actor specialized in commercial narrations, audiobooks and the occasi..."
307 Days ago
Rex Anderson

"I'm a highly versatile actor with a strong background in the audio arts. I've put in thousands of ho..."
319 Days ago
Jeremy James

"22 year radio veteran, now with a home studio, looking for any and all kinds of audio and voice over..."
502 Days ago
Jodi Swenson

"Professionally trained voice over artist with certified home studio. Voice has been described as f..."
575 Days ago
Miyuki Nishimura

"Thank you for checking my profile. My name is Miyuki Nishimura and I am a professional Japanese Voi..."
591 Days ago
James Thompson

"James is a professional voiceover actor living near Philadelphia, PA, providing standard American En..."
594 Days ago
Akira Kataoka

"Hi, Thank you for your viewing my profile! I am a professionally trained voiceover talent with ov..."
614 Days ago
Katie Marie Hayden-Summerton

"Friendly and outgoing persona, dependable. Good digital, and boards. Extremely creative copy/writi..."
664 Days ago
Anthony Powell

"I am a full time voice-over and on-camera talent. Previously, I worked as a t-v news reporter and an..."
690 Days ago
Hallie K Reiss

"Hallie is a professional voice actor who specializes in children's work, animation, education, and p..."
706 Days ago
Leo Vargas

"Disc jockey, voiceover talent, radio host, video/graphic designer."
715 Days ago
Jonathan Orara

"Accent: Neutral American English   Voice Type: Baritone   Vocal Age Range: Young Adult - Middle Ag..."
785 Days ago
Catherine Edwards

"I am a 25 year radio veteran. Worked at WIL-FM & KLOU-FM in St. Louis. I have voice tracked for Nash..."
831 Days ago
Jeffrey Starr Mararian

"Jeffrey provides premier voice talent for commercial, narrative, and spokesman categories. Jeffrey h..."
833 Days ago
Cheryl Gindlesperger

"I do what I love and love what I do! Voiceover work is fun, and I enjoy applying my past work exper..."
835 Days ago
Max McGill

"Heard throughout the world on great radio and TV stations from San Fran to London and all points in ..."
843 Days ago
Chris Monteiro

"I'm a full-time, non-union voice over talent and would love to be added to your roster if you think ..."
942 Days ago
Amit Singhal

"Pleasing Baritone Voice with Emotions & Perfect Diction English(Neutral / Indian) & Hindi(Native)- Y..."

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